Saturday, January 31, 2009

I'm confused... is it Winter or not?

Ok, so we got some snow for Christmas. A lot of snow! Then, it warmed up for January. Our Spring-like weather turned to rain and cold over the last weekend and today, it's quite warm again. Although I love the warm temperatures, we really need the snow. The Almond growers in the valley are getting very nervous as am I. I always put my sweet pea seeds in the ground in October and await thier arrival in April. They're already up and most are over 5 inches tall. This will be sad when we finally get the snow which usually happens in February. We'll juat have to wait and see.
The weather today was gorgeous with temps hovering at 70 degrees here. I moved Amelia's house (a hot water heater box) onto the deck and we got out her paints and decorated for a while.
Right now, Joel and Amelia are jamming on their harmonicas. We went to the used book store yesterday and Joel got a new book about playing the harmonica to add to his collection. I've been with this man for over 13 years now and have only ever heard him play Oh Susannah.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A great team.

Joel and I are such a great team. We're not a "perfect" couple but I think we're close. Even though he makes me madder than anyone else on the entire planet, he also makes me laugh the most. Last night, after putting Amelia to bed, I sat down to watch American Idol - I know it's horrible but it's an evil indulgence and... it was the only thing on. Joel sat with me and we not only picked apart each contestant but every commercial that came on as well. We had each other rolling with laughter, I even cried a little but, thankfully, we didn't wake up the girl. At one point, a doorbell rang on the TV and Honey went nuts running for the front door that we never use and barking. Keep in mind that as long as we've had this dog, we've never had a doorbell. So, that made us laugh even harder! I don't know if it was the cold medicine that we're both taking or if it was just that funny of an evening but it was nice!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Honey Bunny

My dog is beginning to really show her age. We recently celebrated her 10th birthday and for a Great Dane, that is a serious Senior Citizen. Like any good old dog, her manners aren't what they used to be. In the past week, she's started getting on the furniture when we're not in the room and then getting off when she hears us coming back as if we won't notice that the corner of the couch is now covered in hair and the cusions are on the floor - sneaky. Thismorning was the worst... she accidentally pooped on the floor when she stood up out of her bed. We were mortified. We finally get the girl out of diapers and now the dog needs 'em. Honey has cateracts that are getting bigger - everyone comments on them and asks whether or not she can see. Yes, she can but I'm not so sure her hearing is that good. She barks all the time now but, not when you'd actually expect her to like when someone is at the door. She just barks her big bark for no real reason.

She has lost a bit of weight in the last couple of months and it's harder to get her to eat. The best days for her are the ones that Joel takes her to work with him. She gets to be with him all day which is all she really wants and when they get home, she eats without me having to put eggs or beef broth on her food and is generally very well behaved. I guess he'll just have to take her with him more often.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

And now... back to Winter

So it's finally snowing a bit. The temp plumeted last night and we've been feeding the fire all day. I opted for the Jamesons the other night and it really did help.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday or Monday?

For a Friday, today sure feeld like a Monday in that IT SUCKS! First... it's raining a lot, everything is muddy and wet. Second... preschool didn't go so well thismorning. My last minute craft went fine, we made a picture of a rainy day, using 1/2 cupcake wrappers for umbrellas, very cute. Then, we all went to the Tuolumne City Library for story time. Amelia would not sit and listen to the librarian lady read and was really starting to get on my nerves. Then, my phone rang, nice. My mother-in-law doesn't always get the hint when I say, very clearly, "I'm quite busy right now and will call you back in a few minutes." By the time I hung up, Amelia decided to kick her rain boots off and one of them hit another kid in the head. William starts crying and Amelia is now in trouble so she starts crying and then... my phone rings again. This time it was Joel and he could pretty much tell by my voice that this would have to wait. So, putting a kicking and crying Amelia in the car kinda hurt my back and we headed for home an hour early. But, now it's quiet as I have taken the brat to my neighbors' house to have her nap and watch cartoons while I go finish cleaning a rental house, yeah. Well, since it really IS Friday, I'll be coming back home soon and delving into that bottle of Jamesons in the back of the cabinet or finishing of the bottle of Milliare's Simply Red that's sitting on the kitchen counter. Either way, it'll mellow me out.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Our New President!

I recorded this little bit last night but didn't get a chance to add it until today. What a great thing for her to remember.

Joel took Amelia with him to vote in the Presidential Election this year, explaining the whole event to her. I was at a parent meeting that night but when I got home, Amelia announced to me that Barak Obama was the new President and also told me that "John Acain was crying." That was definately a moment that I wish we had recorded. She can now say "McCain" and she can spot President Obama in the news stories.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Gettin' better all the time...

My back is finally beginning to feel better, as long as I don't sit for very long. After sitting, it takes a few moments before I can walk upright again. I often feel very much like Igor... "yes, master."

The weather has been so beautiful! Amelia and I do a little yard work every afternoon. Okay, I do yard work while she plays in the sand box but at least we're out and enjoying the sun.

Amelia is doing great at school. She now goes 3 days a week and will be a drop-off for 2 of those days which means that I'll only be going with her on Fridays. This is going to be great for both of us! She'll start to branch out and make friends and I'll have a few hours to do my own school work as well as a few things for myself - my eyebrows really need some attention.

Work has picked up a bit for Joel which is great because it means variety. He gets bored easily so it's nice for him to have different kinds of projects lined up.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Is this really winter? The gauge on my deck got up to 72 degrees today. This is a big change from just a couple of weeks ago - we DID have a white Christmas. I mowed the lawn today for crying out loud!
In regards to my back; I have a lot less pain if I stay up and moving. If I sit down, it's hard to get back up and I don't really bend down to pick anything up, that's Amelia's job!
Well... I'm going to enjoy this beautiful weather while it's here... I'm going outside!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Bread Day

Today was our first day back at preschool from holiday break. Amelia was sooo excited to see all of her friends again. I was in chargeof snack today so we made bread. I made a cinnamon whole wheat dough last night and seperated it into balls thismorning. Each student got to shape their own ball of dough and add things like raisins, nuts and seeds to it. The school smelled so great while the bread was baking and the kids enjoyed eating thier creations.
The sun is out today and the weather is beautiful! Even though the slides were a little wet, it didn't stop the kids from playing on them - I think they all had wet butts at the end of class!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Achin' Back!

Joel says it started when I slept on the hide-a-bed at my parents' house during the holiday and then rode 8+ hours in the car. Although that made me a bit sore, I think it really happened when I picked up Amelia a turned wrong, or something. Anyway, I had xrays taken thismorning and should know what's really going on by tomorrow. I truely have never felt back pain like this or had it last for so long but Dr. Wong thinks it may be a slipped disc. At any rate he gave me some very happy pills... flexaril and hydrocoadone help me to relax. They don't take the pain away completely but they do give me more range of movement. What really sucks is that I was called to deliver the mail this weekend and had to say "no." I just cannot sit in the Jeep for 3+ hours to deliver it. Sitting and getting from sitting to standing are really the worst part. I am also no help to Joel. He's been finishing up the sanding, priming and painting of the cabinets in Gwynne's new house and I've been at home. I have been putting in some time on my Real Estate courses but can only do about an hour at a time, then I have to get up and do something else. I know, waaaa.

Amelia gets to go back to school tomorrow and she's soooo excited. She keeps asking how much longer it will be before she can go see Charlie (her friend at school). She doesn't really now how long to wait for tomorrow but she's trying to be patient. I'm excited too because she is officially potty trained and I can do a drop off day where I don't have to be there with her!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy 2009!!! We had a fairly laid back yet fun evening with the neighbors. We started at Dennis and Laurie's with snacks, beer, ping pong and darts in their new game room. I really suck at ping pong. Around 10pm, we all walked down to our house to ring in the new year with more snacks and champagne cocktails and were joined by John and Chelsea. Amelia passed out for good around 11 and I was sure that the fireworks would wake her at midnight - they did not. We did our traditional illegal activities and yelled "Happy New Year" to the neighborhood. The Guitar Hero was turned on and bed finally called to us all by 3:30am. Of course, Amelia was up by 7 to watch cartoons.

A few days ago, I wrenched my back when I picked up the girl. Today, it hurts an aweful lot and I've been using my rice-heat pack throughout the day. Amelia and I were watching Shrek thisafternoon and I set the pack aside. She asked me I didn't want it anymore and I explained that it had gotten cold and needed to be heated up again. Amelia, being such a helper, took my heat pack to her room and put it in her little oven - so cute!!!