Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I have been inspired to get back to my blogging.  It really is a great outlet for venting and really terrific way to keep all our family and friends updated on wasss happenin'.  I do realize that it's been 6months since my last post and so, so, so, so much has happened.  If you're not on FaceBook you've probably been thinking that I have fallen off the face of the earth - not so!  We are as busy as ever!!!
Just before Thanksgiving, we were hit with a pretty major snow storm.  The power was out for 4 days and we were "blessed" with just over 2 feet of fresh white powder.  What better excuse for playing all day and teaching MoJo to pull Amelia's sled?  Although the storm caused quite a bit of damage, we prefer to remember the fun parts.
Christmas was spent at home and we ate like Kings!! We celebrated Gwynne's birthday (Christmas Eve) with fish tacos, fresh mango salsa & cranberry margaritas.  The next morning was pure chaos as Amelia, at four years old, has got Santa Claus all figured out.  It took much of the day to open all the gifts!  Her fave seems to be the "real" tap shoes that Joel gave her.  Joel and I made a beautiful brunch with a baked ham and mimosas.  It was Prime Rib and red wine for Christmas Dinner.  I know, you're jealous.
The New Year brings renewed hope for stability.  With a dry week, we've been able to begn the clean up from November's storm and we prepare for the next one to hit us.  Amelia is back in School and loving it!  I've been busy with Real Estate as well as filling in for our local mail carriers so they could have a break.  Joel never gets a break. He's either fixing our house or someone elses!
I hope that the holidays were happy for you and that the new year brings more new and wonderful experiences!