Monday, October 19, 2009


We arrived home yesterday from a crazy, action-packed, long weekend in Disneyland with my parents. Amelia had THE best time!!! We received a call at home on Tuesday evening and Amelia got to listen to a few characters invite her to the Happiest Place on Earth. We headed out Wednesday morning and were in the park that very afternoon. We took the Monorail into Tomorrowland where our first stop was the Astro Blasters and then, the Rockets. We headed over to Toon Town to meet Mickey but stoppped along the way to enjoy a parade.
The next morning began with breakfast in Goofy's Kitchen. Amelia wore her Cinderella dress and met quite a few characters including the Fairy Godmother and Princess Aurora. Back to the park for more fun!!! After a rest, we all got ready for Mickey's Trick or Treat Party. Amelia dressed as a lady bug and got to meet Handy Manny. We, the adults, got to ride the Tower of Terror in the dark - very cool! The little girl's fave part was the dance party in Candy Corn Acres where she got to get jiggy with Daisy Duck.
Friday greeted us with more fun and chaos. Amelia got her very first pair of ears and we met Princess Minnie and Snow White. After a float through a Small World, it was time for another nap. We watched Fantasmic that night and the girl was really happy that Mickey won!
Amelia wore her Snow White dress for our early entry morning. We walked over to Toon Town for Mickey's Morning Madness. When we got there, one of Mickey's handlers came over to us and talked to Amelia, asking her if she could twirl and what her name was. After that, we were escorted to a reserved table for the celebration. During Mayor Mickey's speech, we were proclaimed the Honorary Family of the Day. Insane!!! Joel, Amelia and I stood at the podium, wore sashes and waved to the audience. A little out of our comfort zones but Amelia ate it up! We had breakfast with Minnie and friends and spent the rest of our last day in Disney's California Adventure Park. It's a Bug's Land is great for the little ones!
I'm happy to be home and can't wait to do it again!!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Completely Random Thoughts

Amelia is back and better than ever! Yesterday, she was "kid of the day" at school because she wore a smile, participated in every activity and shared a toy with Charlie in the sandbox. I was so proud! She kept it up for the rest of the day... being good. It was really nice to have such a helpful, dry daughter with such a sweet disposition.
A few Amelia-isms of late:
"Daddy sleeps like a growling dragon"
"this dog situation is keeping me awake"
to Roxy: "it's not Ewmo, it El-Mo, El-Mo... say it like that, Elmo, mo, mo." Roxy says, "Elmo." "Yeah, that's perfect!"
"Momma, we're going to have a concert today." I ask her who's playing at the concert. She says, "AC/DC!"

So, now I have the flu and, at the moment, I'm at the office and I would much rather be at home, cuddled up with a big blanket!
Joel has started on the new roof project at our house. Demolition complete! The carpentry ensues and we should have our new metal roof finished before we leave for Disneyland on the 13th!