Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday in the sun

Today has been a very busy day. We started by finishing the front deck on Gwynne's place, only the railing and stairs are left. Then, it was off to a birthday party for Amelia's friend, Kyra. An afternoon of swing set, bounce house and bubbles not to mention candy, cake and more candy. We came home nearly 2 hours ago and the girl is still going crazy. She should crash soon and, hopefully, be in bed by 8.
Amelia's temper is so funny to me. It's hard to keep a straight face while I'm being scolded. I'm often told that she's "serious" and that if I get a spanking then, I'll have to have a time out in my room for 2 minutes! I actually wouldn't mind the time out. It's supposed to be one minute of each year so I'd get a half hour to myself... Sweet!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

More Snow!

It's snowing now for the third day in a row. This time, though, it seems to be sticking. Big fluffy flakes are falling from the sky and Amelia can't wait to go out to play. I feel bad for Joel today - he is delivering the mail and the weather doesn't make his job very easy. I can honestly say that I'm glad I'm not doing it! I'm supposed to be going to Gwynne's to paint today and I'm really congested and my ears hurt so I don't want to go but... I will, as soon as I down some more AlkaSeltzer Cold. Yummy (Blah)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Snow Day Sunday

It's snowing quite a lot but it's just not sticking. Joel and I spent much of yesterday shoveling and preparing for this massive storm that we had heard so much about. It seems to be mostly north of us but it's still cold.

Speaking of colds... I woke up with one and man, does my throat hurt. Amelia has a bit a well as she's been coughing all day. So, she and I are staying indoors today. We baked cookies this afternoon. I gave her lots of things to decorate them with and it was really a lot of fun. She chose which cutters to use so we made pigs, cupids, dogs, hearts, snowmen and guitars!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sunny California

Just because we have over a foot of fresh snow doesn't mean it's not sunny! The picture was taken on my deck thismorning - Amelia likes to eat the snow. We'll be going out with some of the neighbors this afternoon to build a giant snow man in the lot across the street to greet everyone as they drive into our area. Then, its on to hot chocolate and to wait for the next series of storms to hit. The rumor is that we are to expect another 18 inches in the next 36 hours - we'll see. All I really know is, due to the fact that our street does not get visited by the plows, my little BMW isn't going anywhere. I had to have Joel take me to Twain Harte thismorning to get a few groceries in the big GMC. I love that truck.
Happy Singles Awareness Day to you all and remember - candy goes on sale tomorrow! :)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Too Much Mail?

As a sometimes rural route carrier for the United States Postal Service I am quite often asked why I deliver so much "junk mail." Well, it's probably because you've never told "them" not to send it to you so, here's whatcha do... when you get a piece of mail that you don't particularly want, don't throw it away! Open it! If it includes a paid Business Reply Envelope, simply write "take me off your mailing list" on what ever they sent you that has your name on it and place everything in that paid envelope and send it back. It may take a few times but eventually, you won't get that crap anymore and... the business has to pay for that envelope to be returned to them so that means your mail carrier gets to keep their job a little longer.
Another issue I'd like to address is Earth Hour 2009. It will be held March 28th at 8:30pm and encourage all to join in. It's one hour that you really try not to use electricity - turn off your TV and lights, enjoy a glass of wine and a candle instead! It's only and hour people!

So, today is my 32nd birthday. I'm wearing my pretty new boots and taking it easy today. I will, however, be preparing my own dinner. This is because I have a craving and Joel doesn't know how to make Chicken Picatta but... I do. It's all good, I like to cook. Now, if I could just get Joel to clean it all up. Nah.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Saturday with the Fam

It rained quite a bit off and on all day yesterday and even snow a little in the slightly higher elevations but today was really very beautiful. Amelia and clipped a bunch more Camelias to bring in and enjoy as we are to have snow here tomorrow. This day was nice. The three of us went to do some shopping in Sonora where Joel said we should go into the shoe store. He had spotted some boots that he knew I'd love and wanted to surprise me with an early birthday present. They are very comfy and quite cute Martinos from Canada and I love 'em!

We spent the afternoon watching Peter Pan and eating snacks - just lounging. Ok, so I did a little laundry too but what a great kick-back day...

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Due to the weather being so nice lately, my Camelias are blooming a few weeks early. It began to rain thismorning so I cut a bunch of them and brought them in so we could enjoy them. Joel told Amelia what kind of flowers they are and she told me that they are CaAmelias and that they're for her. Ok.
Things are going pretty well right now... I passed my third and last Real Estate final and am looking forward to my state exam. Business has picked up a lot, Joel and I have had a couple of rentals to turn around in the last few weeks so that's really good. Amelia is doing well at school and can actually name a few friends now. Things are definately looking up!