Tuesday, April 13, 2010

It's been awhile!

Yeah, sorry 'bout that!  So, what's new?  Well.  I closed escrow on a home last week so, it's official... I am a Realtor now!  This check is gonna come in very handy!  Now, if I could just keep this up and close one every couple of weeks, I'd have nuthin' to worry about.
We headed over the hill, to Winnemucca, for Easter.  Seriously, if highway 108 is closed, I'm staying home!  I love my family but the stress of "winter driving" is just not worth it!  The visit was good though.  Amelia had a great time playing in the "hot pool," dying and hunting for eggs and seeing How to Train Your Dragon.  The weather reports made our decision to leave about a day early to head back home and we're glad we did!  The roads got a little slippery over Monitor Pass as the snow fell.  See y'all again in the Summer!
Joel is off and working this week in the Bay Area.  We try to Skype every day.  Amelia likes to use the mouse and make the arrow pick Joel's nose - very entertaining!  Technology is a wonderful thing.
I guess that's about it for now.  Busy busy but all the same!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Is Sleep Really Necessary?

I'm not so sure.  I know that I like it and, apparantly, am very good at it during movies.  I actually slept sitting on the floor during Inglorious Basterds the other night.  Odd.
Yeah, I'm busy.  There's no doubt about it!  Between work, family & preschool, I don't get a whole lotta "me" time.  And when I do have a moment alone, I feel a little guilty about it and I miss the fam.
We are so happy to finally see signs of Spring!  Daffodils are blooming, the tulips aren't far behind.  I'd like to try to get to Daffodil Hill this year... I say that every year.  I have never been.  I'm also relieved that the rain and snow has subsided 'cause I have only a few chunks of firewood left and no time for getting more.  "It's been a long, cold, lonely winter... here comes the sun."

Amelia has been adding to my exhaustion lately.  Why are 3-year-olds so loud?  I find myself constantly asking her to shhhhhh, bring it down a notch.  Ugh.  She's doing great in school and loves being there.  She sings a lot, draws a lot, whines a lot.  She's been singing Three Little Birds by Bob Marley quite a bit lately.  I love it.

Okay... that's all I have time for!!!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Where does she get this stuff?

Amelia came into our bedroom at 5:15 thismorning, crawled into our bed saying something about a "dream that wasn't good" and went to sleep.  I got up, did some yoga and continued through the normal morning schedule.  On our drive to school thismorning, I asked Amelia what she dreamt about last night.  "Well, Roxy and I were playing in my room.  Roxy was making a mess and some bad guys came in and we were afraid."  I asked her what the bad guys looked like.  "They had black helmets and black pants and black shoes and we were afraid.  But, then Daddy came in and he kicked the bad guys outside.  They went into the sky and they didn't come back.  Daddy drove your car and we went to work because Daddy kicked their butts."
Hmmm.  I was in total understanding until the part where they went to work because of the butt-kicking.  Not really sure what to make of that part.  What I DO know is that the recounts of Amelia's dreams are about the most entertaining I've ver heard.

Friday, January 29, 2010

LaRue turns 92!

We've had a pretty great couple of days with the family around here!  Kerry ventured down from Oregon and Key and Gwynne Alice made the trip from the Bay.  The visiting started on Wedensday.  On Thursday afternoon, a small group cleaned up Grandma's overgrown entry way.  I think we'll see some really beautiful things happen in the spring.  We all met up at Lupita's Eproson House in Twain Harte for a Mexican Feast last night.  Our waiter plopped a sombrero onto LaRue's head and treated the lady to a "shaken margharita."  We've posted a video of this event on YouTube - search for "LaRue 92."  The group congregated at our home thismorning for a fabulous Waffle and Mimosa Breakfast (thanks for cookin' Gwynne & Joel) and Kerry baked a beautiful Date Cake.
The Jones Family is planning a Family Reunion for this summer in this area so, we drove up to Twain Harte to check out the Lazy Z Resort.  Perfect!  We'll be working on the rest of the details in the coming weeks in order to get all the info out to everyone with plenty of time to make arrangements to get here - can't wait!
It's just the beginning of 2010 and I'm off and running!  Joel is staying steady with being a Contractor and I am getting ready to close escrow on two homes in the next week.  Along with reunion planning, preschool 40th anniversary event planning, preschool itself, my brother's wedding in October, yada yada.... I'm running outta time for sleep!  A couple of my brothers and the fam are coming up next weekend to do a little snowboarding and visiting - that should be fun.  I'm also trying to figure out a time in the very near future to take a few days to go to the Mucc for a visit as well.  So much family... so little time!
Amelia is doing awfully well!  She is a constant source of entertainment and aggravation.  She believes in magic right now and Joel and I have a lot of fun with that - making things dissappear when she turns her head.  I wonder how long we can keep that one going.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


We've heard a few funny things come outta Amelia's brain lately - I just haveta share!
"I have a little frog in my troat but when he hops out, maybe we can go to the park."
"My heart beeps are really loud."
Let's play "hide and sink."
She was making noises with her mouth and when I asked her what sound she was making, she replied "a wet fart."

Yup, that's our girl!