Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Where does she get this stuff?

Amelia came into our bedroom at 5:15 thismorning, crawled into our bed saying something about a "dream that wasn't good" and went to sleep.  I got up, did some yoga and continued through the normal morning schedule.  On our drive to school thismorning, I asked Amelia what she dreamt about last night.  "Well, Roxy and I were playing in my room.  Roxy was making a mess and some bad guys came in and we were afraid."  I asked her what the bad guys looked like.  "They had black helmets and black pants and black shoes and we were afraid.  But, then Daddy came in and he kicked the bad guys outside.  They went into the sky and they didn't come back.  Daddy drove your car and we went to work because Daddy kicked their butts."
Hmmm.  I was in total understanding until the part where they went to work because of the butt-kicking.  Not really sure what to make of that part.  What I DO know is that the recounts of Amelia's dreams are about the most entertaining I've ver heard.


  1. Hearing Eric's dreams are kind of less-cohesive too. His most recent bad dream involved some friends from daycare and a big mean red robot. But when he has good dreams, those make sense and they're usually about birthday parties, playing, eating cake, and who was there.

  2. I'm glad she can remember them long enough to tell you about them. My kids never could remember why they had a bad dream. Kind of frustrating.


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